How to Take Care of Elderly Parents at Home?

Taking care of your elderly parents can be a challenging task which required a lot of dedication and time. It is essential for the children to understand the task at hand before committing themselves to it. A discussion should be held regarding the various elderly home care options.

The parent’s wishes should also be respected if they choose to remain at their home or move in with their children. Depending on where they decide to stay, there are necessary measures that need to be taken for them to live in a healthy and safe environment. If you plan on taking care of your elderly parent, there are some basic caring practices you must learn like dandruff types and treatment for example. This will help you and the other family member provide the best care possible to your parents.

Inspect the home

Safety comes first when handling seniors. Carry out a risk assessment exercise to identify any areas that could cause falls. Some of this include slippery floors, loose carpets, and furniture that blocks the path. Stairs also make it difficult for seniors to navigate. Install smoke detectors and ensure that is working correctly. Additionally, ensure that electricity cables and other wires are tucked away to prevent slips and falls.

Install grab bars

Grab bars are extremely necessary in the bathroom. They provide added security when climbing into and out of the tub or shower. You can also install the grab bars around the toilet for extra support when standing or sitting. They also help prevent falling.

Install non-skid pads

The bathroom is mostly wet throughout. To avoid falling, you should cover the bathing area with non-skid pads. If you have bathroom rugs, ensure that they are fastened to the ground using anti-skid strips. Any electrical devices in the bathroom should be stored far from sources of water. They should also be unplugged after use.

Install nightlights

These will come in very handy at night when your elderly parent is walking to the bathroom at night. You can also install these lights in the kitchen in case your parent needs something to drink at night. Nightlights are an excellent way to provide illumination without leaving the lights on.

Place a telephone in your parents’ room

A pre-programmed telephone in their bedroom will help your parents communicate when they need help. You can also get them a cell phone which they can carry with them throughout the day. Additionally, you can place a monitor in your parents’ bedroom for easier monitoring. During the day, you can hire someone who will keep your parents company while you are at work. You can also visit them over lunch breaks or send a neighbor to check up on them.

Come up with a schedule

Once in a while, your elderly parents will need to visit the doctor. You and your siblings should come up with a plan to get your parents to the doctor, clean, cook and grocery shopping. Taking care of elderly parents should be a shared task among siblings especially if they live around the same area as their parents. Where the parents require additional physical attention, you should hire home health services.