Our Partners: Bringing only the best to you.

Arbor Terrace at Chestnut Hill has created partnerships with other professionals, facilitating our residents’ access to our partners’ services. Click on each partner to learn more.

Genesis Rehab

At Arbor Terrace at Chestnut Hill, we’re excited to include in our services a program that will help maintain the physical fitness, mobility and safety of your loved one. Genesis Rehab has partnered with Arbor Terrace to provide skilled physical therapy and occupational therapy in the community’s on-site Rehab Clinic or in the comfort of or residents’ own apartments.
Genesis Rehab works to achieve optimal levels of functioning with each individual they treat. Therapists can develop a personalized Functional Maintenance Program designed to maximize each individual’s ability to function in these targeted areas:

  1. Ambulation
  2. Fall Prevention
  3. Transfers
  4. Grooming/Bathing 
  5. Self Feeding
  6. Bed Mobility

 Visit Genesis’ website.

Gary Kozick, LCSW – Geriatric Consultant

Arbor Terrace at Chestnut Hill, offers the services of Gary Kozick, LCSW, Geriatric Consultant, to individuals and families as they prepare to transition from home to a senior living community.
Gary is a licensed clinical social worker with 30 years of clinical practice and administrative experience working in the fields of geriatrics, mental health, brain injury, and developmental disabilities. He has both professional and personal experience working with older adults and their families in a variety of settings that includes home healthcare, senior living, skilled nursing facilities, and managed care/Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO).
As a geriatric consultant, Gary ensures that older adults and their families obtain the appropriate services that best meet their needs while avoiding aggravation often experienced when dealing with unfamiliar processes or services related to senior care agencies. He will assist families and older adults to arrive at making decisions that will save time and gain access to care that is needed The goal is to make a smooth transition for the individual who is making changes in their living routines and residence. Gary is committed to providing quality services that are about understanding personal needs and promoting personal well-being. In doing so, the cultural, social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual needs are considered for each person.

Jim Lee, Dining Consultant

Owner of Southern Hospitality Consulting, Jim Lee provides oversight and guidance to every aspect of our dining program. Arbor Terrace at Chestnut Hill's Dining Director works closely with Jim to provide the best dining experience for each resident. From the quality of service to the variety of menu options, rest assured that each meal is enjoyable at Arbor Terrace at Chestnut Hill.